Wollega university vacancy

Vacancy Announcement

Wollega University is seeking academic staffs for the following vacant positions and any qualified, interested professional who fulfills the minimum requirement can apply within consecutive TEN (10) working days of this notice.

• Place of works: Wollega University main Campus (Nekemte), Shmabu and Gimbi Campuses
• Applicants are expected to submit their application letter with their curriculum vitae indicating their institutional position(if any), qualification and experience along with their academic credentials, and other relevant document to the addresses indicated below:
o Wollega University main campus human resource office (Nekemte-Administration Building, Office Number 115 or Wollega University Liaison Office at Addis Ababa Gullalle (near Tsigishet Hotel) .

• Salary and benefits will be as per the Higher Education Institution standard
• Female applicants are encouraged
• Shortlisted applicants shall be posted on the University’s notice board and website and will be invited to interview to be held at Wollega University main campus or respective campuses.
• For undergraduate positions:
o Age <35; CGPA must be >3.25 for male and >3.00 for female applicants; for disability, emerging regions, pastoralist region of native ethnic group >2.75 & for double affirmative action >2.50.
• For postgraduate positions:
o For male applicants: graduate CGPA must be >3.50, while their first degree CGPA must be >3.00;
o For female applicants graduate CGPA >3.35, while their first degree CGPA should be >2.75;
o For disability, pastoralist region of native ethnic group >3.15 whereas their first degree CGPA> 2.50;
o For double affirmative action >3.10 & their first degree CGPA>2.50;
o For all Post graduate (lecturer position) applicants they have to have an MA/MSc degree from recognized institution(s) with at least for two years program, thesis result at least B+, Very Good or equivalent.
• For all Medical doctors & Veterinary medicine positions:
o Graduate CGPA >3.00
o A minimum of “B” grade in the internship subject
o Recommendation letter from two senior doctors
o His/her good relation with patient, humanitarian and voluntary activities during his/her stay; and
o No record of disciplinary measure
• Applicants must have earned their degree from recognized higher institution(s).
• Applicants should submit copies of their credentials including grade eight certificate.

For further information, you may access the website of our University www.wolegauniversity.edu.et or contact us via the following address: 0578617156 or info@wollegaunivesity.edu.et

The university has a full right to conceal partly or fully the announcement.

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